THE WINE WAS VERY GOOD Curated for Collecting Collections and Concepts, commissioned by Paulo Mendes for Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura
Supported by Vista Alegre Atlantis


Exhibitors: Filipe Alarcão, Tiago Almeida, Rita Botelho, Gonçalo Campos, Daniel Caramelo, Catarina Carreiras, Mafalda Fernandes, Manamana, Hugo Passos, Pedrita, The Home Project, Marco Sousa Santos, Paulo Sellmayer and Ricardo Vilas-Boas.
Every exhibition opening is a display of art but also guests, comments and drinks. In this situation of total exhibition, the attention of the guests is somehow divided between comments and drinks, rarely focusing on the expectant walls. Drawing on this particular situation and on the general theme of the event which focused on collecting, 13 Portuguese designers were invited to create an exclusive cup for the opening of this exhibition. Vista Alegre Atlantis kindly produced a limited edition of each, and on the opening night, drinks were served in a new collection of glasses.